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Post-doc struggles.

I know that not every post-doc dares to say this publicly. Therefore, I am trying to speak up for others too, because I believe in change. I am a post-doctoral researcher and I love my…

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Both my mother and my grandmother had a hysterectomy, because of endometrial cancer around the age I am now. I knew eventually I had to get the cancer diagnostics myself. I knew there was no…

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On #WorldMentalHealthDay I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who shared their stories and thoughts with me. The blog and the mental health advocacy at my campus and beyond has changed my life…

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This little girl is me and proved everyone wrong. #ThisLittleGirlIsMe This little girl struggled all her life, but found a lot a comfort in reading books. This little girl saw that her dad started working…

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Life changing conversations.

Yesterday was nothing but life changing. For the first in my life I told my story in public in front of a group of people. I spoke about my traumatic childhood and the bipolar disorder…

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