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I and many others fighting PTSD understand you

I am writing this post for everyone that is or was in a dark place. I hope that by sharing my story, I am able to reach you and give you the help and comfort…

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Hi, my name is Pragya and I’m from India. I want to share a small story about my mother’s win and her struggles in life. My mother has raised me and my brother’s single handed.…

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Pride in Academia

I have been having a hard time writing this text for the past few days because I feel like I might not be the best person to write this. I am in the incredibly privileged…

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Imposter Syndrome

This is for all the PhD students (from my university) who ask me for advice every week. “I feel like I cheated myself through this PhD project”. “I feel like I am worth nothing”. “I…

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One VENI – Two interviews

In a few days my daughter Lily will turn 2 years old. She was born shortly after my first NWO VENI research grant interview, as I went into labor the night after the interview. I…

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