I will always try.

My first NWO VENI research grant interview 2 years ago failed. I did not get the grant. Being a scientist is not always glamorous & entails failure as well. Failed experiments, rejected papers, rejected grant proposals & it is hard to keep going.

I know the struggle is real and friends & family often ask me “Why are you doing this?” and “Why do you work so much”?.

I am doing this & keep up with the “good and the bad” for over 10 years now, because I love research and I know my “why”.

I cannot imagine a life without science for me.

Still, after over a decade I get happy and excited during my lab work. When working a long shift in the lab I forget time and just love working.

Rejection and failure are hard. But I keep going anyways.

After the VENI did not work out in the first round I tried again. I wrote a new research proposal. And I knew that it would work out this time.

The reviewers and the committee gave me a lot of praise “Congratulations! It is our pleasure to tell you that you are awarded with the VENI”.

I know I can and will not always win. But I will always try.

-by Anna Schueth


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