Hi, my name is Pragya and I’m from India. I want to share a small story about my mother’s win and her struggles in life. My mother has raised me and my brother’s single handed. My parents have been separated from each other since I was born and truly I don’t know what does a father mean to a girl or any emotion related to that.

I have seen my mother struggling so much while raising us but she never gave up, she fought against all the odds in her life and gave us the best possible life she could have given. To be very honest my mother is a working lady and she’s at a very reputed position but still she has faced many problems not financially but definitely the pressure from society, inequality, and never got that respect even from her own family members because her husband was not with her.

So, that was one of the reasons, she never got that respect what she always deserved in her life. I have realised struggle doesn’t always have to be in terms of your financial situation but sometimes even if you are financially independent and doing well for yourself and your family but struggle stays in all fields like your work life, personal life it’s everywhere.

Being a responsible human being our responsibility is to respect, care and show empathy towards others but I guess we are failing to do so. For women the struggle is of course more as you have to justify your every single move to others because somewhere we still have that male dominant society. My mother was under depression with her personal struggles but she managed to overcome those problems and continued working. She’s very bold, beautiful and strong.

She gave us everything we wanted to excel in our lives and career. I want to thank her for every single thing and I wish to incorporate that culture of boldness, strength, sense of equality be it in any field.

I want to bring a change, I would like to encourage girls to speak and speak more about their dreams, passion, strengths, motivation in life and fight for their dreams to come true. Never give up, keep fighting, keep Inspiring.

-by Pragya Giri



  1. Twinkle
    June 29, 2021 / 10:56 am

    Women’s is the only strongest thing exists in this universe.. Her sacrifice will definitely going to be nourished in future times.. God bless you all ❤

    June 29, 2021 / 11:00 am

    Thank you Anna for sharing my story:)

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