You look strange.

I don`t remember how old I was, but at some point in my life my mother told me: ” Anna, your ears look really strange and you better get surgery. You will never be able to wear your hair up.”

Obviously I did not want to get any surgery and never have. However, her comment stuck with me. And for years I would hide my ears.

Throughout my entire life I heard so many negative things and got so many awful comments.

You are too skinny. You should eat more.

You are too white. Go more in the sun.

You gained a lot of weight. Be careful.

And many more, which are too painful to list.

Every part of my body was criticized and it really got to me.

Without really thinking about it, I stopped eating.

Sometimes for days.

For many years I would avoid looking in a mirror.

Finally, I can say I don`t care anymore what people comment about my outer appearance.

It took 40 years, but I accept myself for who I am.

I am sharing this during #suicidepreventionmonth, because at times people can become suicidal because of these comments, bullying and/or eating disorders.

I always try to be careful not to comment on the outer appearance of someone, besides giving a compliment.

Not only are these comments hurtful, but can have devastating effects.

Please #bekind.


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