Post-doc struggles.

I know that not every post-doc dares to say this publicly. Therefore, I am trying to speak up for others too, because I believe in change.

I am a post-doctoral researcher and I love my job.

I have been awarded with numerous awards and research grants.

I have published my research results in different journals during the last 10 years (during PhD, post-doc).

I am working on innovative microscope development with companies, the hospital and other scientists  to get novel insights into the brain and different diseases, e.g. Alzheimer`s disease and cancer.

I am pushing open science data projects across faculties and believe in interdisciplinary work.

I am teaching, mentoring and supervising students in the lab and courses.

I have co-founded “Flourish Maastricht” to promote academic mental health at my university and support both students and staff.

I have helped hundreds of people with my blog and my mental health advocacy.

I am working on numerous side projects, such as MINDSETS data science podcast.

I am involved in important projects, such as improving the VENI funding process for women (during pregnancy).

However, I am working on a fixed-term contract.

I am hoping that I have a long-term future at my university with more stability for me and my two little children.

Although working in academia is very tough and full of hardships, this is what I envision for myself and my career.

I believe change and transformation is possible. Also in academia.


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