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Thank you.

So here is the thing. I have no plan or strategy. I don`t know anything about likes and algorithm For me over 100 k views is a lot. The last few days have been a…

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My mom

This is my mom holding me as a baby in 1982. She had lost 8 babies before me. I was born premature. She was struggling with post-partum depression, bipolar disorder, had manic episodes and survived…

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My name is Adithya and my pronouns are she/her

My name is Adithya and my pronouns are she/her. In Asian countries where this is a very popular name, it is what you consider a ‘boy’s name’. Similar to Peter or Paul in the western…

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Maria in the Wonderland

Liege, Belgium February 15, 2018 On February 15 2018, at around 2.00 am I admitted myself to the hospital possibly to give birth to my daughter at 38 weeks pregnant. I was already exhausted. I…

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The IBS files

Since my childhood, I have always known ‘abdominal discomfort’: I often suffered belly aches, cramps and nausea. Since I also was quite ashamed of ‘bathroom related things’ and was quite emetophobic as well: a triple…

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