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Reducing the academic mental health stigma can save lives.

I would like to thank the Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Urology Annette Fenner for the invitation to write about academic mental health and my own lived experience. I am honored and grateful about this…

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My unsafe home.

I start where I am now. Wherever I go I will create a peaceful, loving and joyful environment. I know that sometimes I have my moments of weakness and then they are there: my loving…

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Celebrate life.

It’s time to put on a dress and celebrate, because next week November 2021 starts and that is a big deal for me. I celebrate my 20 year anniversary of “my second life” after my…

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Keep memories alive.

I am related to the German Johanna Melzer, who was active in the resistance to the Hitler regime and who was arrested by the Gestapo (secret police in Nazi Germany) and in prison for 12…

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Today 3 years ago I was over the moon, because I found out I was pregnant again with my rainbow baby girl, a few months after losing her baby sister. There is no recipe for…

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