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What I see is that you are resilient

In the autumn of 2017, I sat in my living room with my husband, and I told him, “I feel that I am not connecting with people, I feel that I don’t belong here, I…

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For your blog

I am new to the profession of clinical psychology. I love working with patients, but I don’t always love to be in contact with other clinical psychologists. Don’t get me wrong, most colleagues I met…

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No one knew

I have contemplated for a while to write the following lines. This is costing me a lot of effort. But I have received messages from other women (at my university) going through this or something…

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Giving up is not an option

At one point in my life a few years back my friends suggested that I should see a therapist because of my past. I had no idea why and to date I have never been…

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Picture perfect

On paper my life looks perfect. On the outside I look happy. 2 beautiful children. Happily married since years. Over 10 awards and research grants. Prestigious Research Fellowships. Excellence Summer School. Top 10 % of…

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