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Should I keep my baby or not?

After a hard struggle with life itself and the arrival of my first daughter, I had finally made it. I finally went back to study nursing at Zuyd Hogeschool. Despite having difficulty adjusting, everything went…

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Good-bye dad.

For several years throughout my PhD my father had been sick with a number of kidney and heart problems. And if I wanted to or not, it had affected my personal and work life back…

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I love my kids.

A few weeks ago I have discussed with other PhD students the topic “pregnancy during the PhD”. I was devastated, when I heard that one of the PhD students with whom I discussed this told…

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Suicide is not a stigma

In 2020 I met a few people at work, who told me (all independent from each other) that they had a close relative with severe mental health issues, who attempted suicide and how this was affecting their lives and their work in academia.

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