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Abibifuo nkwa hia

I was born and raised in Ghana in West Africa, before my parents moved to Italy, because my father found a job there. For my master internship I moved to the Netherlands and I am…

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Like the wisps of a fire

Like the wisps of a fireYou claw for the starsSlashing the airReaching a little too far You feel fierce warmthA burning lightDancing red and hotInto the night But such fiery intentYou cannot sustainEven soIt’s hard…

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My 2020: Life, work and the pandemic.

I was back at work for a bit over two months and then the first lockdown happened. I was really looking forward to getting back to work after my maternity leave and a short period…

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My dear fellow postdocs, if this is you

The clock stroke midnight You were still in the lab Tears climbed out of your eyes Checking what you’ve done with your life You said it’s for the love of science But Tears started to…

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It was difficult for me to get pregnant, but after the third round of fertility treatment I was finally pregnant. I was so happy and me and my husband Karim could not wait to have…

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