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A gift from Jesus.

Since I was in High School, I had always struggled with accepting myself, especially because a very bad acne rush (of which I still bring many scars on my face). Although all the difficulties brought…

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Dear Amrapali (1984-2020).

Dear Amrapali, I am grateful that we met and that I could learn from you. I am grateful that you inspired me with your kindness, and positive attitude towards life. This has an impact on…

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I am more than the accident.

Back in 2005 I had a car accident which changed my reality entirely. I went from a healthy fifteen year old to a girl who was fighting for her life after breaking her neck. As…

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Read a book.

I grew up in a family of six. The first two years of my life I spent on a farm, together with my parents and my brother far away from cities and any technologies. Later,…

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I am sitting here and I am trying to write the next blog post and I keep deleting everything I write. This will be a tough one and I am wondering how to describe this.…

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