Dear Amrapali (1984-2020).

Dear Amrapali,

I am grateful that we met and that I could learn from you. I am grateful that you inspired me with your kindness, and positive attitude towards life. This has an impact on my life every day still to this date. I remember you during all the little moments of my day and I remember the way you spoke and what you told me.

You were busy with a grant proposal and we wanted to meet afterwards. We set a date for having coffee at Banditos and we both were looking forward to it, because we had so much to talk about. We always had. Our conversations were full of sharing ideas and knowledge about science, women in academia and life itself.

Then you messaged me “Anna, I am not feeling well. I can’t meet you for coffee. Let`s meet, when I feel better”. That was the last message I ever received from you and we never met again.

I heard about you passing away, while working at the microscope. Something I love so much. I could not focus on my work all day and from that day on I kept thinking “Why?”.

I thought a lot about the purpose of life and at first many things did not make sense anymore. Then I thought I want and have to continue all the projects we planned, even without you being here. We spoke so much about bringing women closer together and how great it would be if people would work more in teams with supporting each other and sharing their knowledge and experience. We envisioned an open culture, where people dare to speak up and it is ok to ask for help.

I am doing my best every day, because you inspire me every day.

I miss you.


Amrapali Zaveri (1984 – 2020)

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