This little girl is me and proved everyone wrong. #ThisLittleGirlIsMe

This little girl struggled all her life, but found a lot a comfort in reading books.

This little girl saw that her dad started working everyday at 5 o`clock in the morning.  She did not want to cause any problems and read books every day to excel at school.

This little girl found it normal that her mom was crying a lot and asked her to be quiet. That her mom had to lay down in a dark room and could not play with her.

This little girl found it normal that her parents did not have a lot of money for her and her siblings.

This little girl loved going to school and was ok with being the “book worm”.

This little girl brought her favorite dolls to class and gave it to another girl who had no dolls.

This little girl was applauded by her primary school teacher for being intelligent and hardworking.

This little girl was then called “stupid” by her high-school teacher, because she did not have the good grades anymore. She went through a lot at home. But her struggles were not valid. Only the grades would count.

This little girl stopped eating and wanted to vanish. She suffered in silence.

This little girl found comfort in her books and dreamt of going to university one day and helping people. She read about people suffering all over the world.

This little girl decided to prove her teachers wrong and that she would get her university degree.

This little girl became Dr. Anna Schueth one day, the scientist who loves microscopes and works in brain research now. The colleague and friend that is helping so many with her mental health & stigma advocacy both at her university and worldwide.  

This little girl proved everyone wrong.

She overcame all hurdles and struggles, such as suicidality, violence, abuse, loss, grief, problems in school and university, poverty and so much more.


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