I survived.

I survived my own suicide attempt.
I survived the loss of my child.
I survived the loss of my father.
I survived domestic abuse.
I survived the loss of my grandmother.
I survived seeing my mom struggle every day with her bipolar disorder.
I survived dealing with the suicide attempt of my mom.
I survived dealing with poverty.
I survived getting my university degree without the help of my parents.
I survived terrible comments from high-school teachers.
I survived almost failing university.

It helped me to realize that I will experience rejection, failure and pain many times throughout life.

Struggles are part of life. It is ok to sit with the pain and ask for help.

I am still here, because people in my life helped me.

I am happy, grateful and feel so blessed with my life.

Thank you for this amazing, supportive community and 4 million views on my (blog) posts. The last 6 months have been rewarding and wonderful. I still receive “thank you” messages on a daily basis.


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  1. LMH
    September 12, 2021 / 12:40 am

    So nice to hear others stories and get rid of the stigma behind suicide.
    I too have survived… and am still fighting… however stronger each day thanks to Sanomentology, which literally has saved my life.
    It’s odd (funny would be definitely the wrong word here), but I zoom up on your picture and I see your eyes close up… it’s the same intense look of having gone through so much pain and that my very own mirror reflects back to me.

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