2001 I lost all hope and had a suicide attempt. I did not know that the best was yet to come.

2007 I got my university degree.

2008 I started to work in research.

2009 I became a mentor for high-school girls on the online platform Cybermentor.

2011 I started my PhD.

2014 I got married and my first child was born.

2015 I finished my PhD trajectory.

2016 I started my Post-doc.

2019 My second child was born. I was awarded with the “Distinguished Women in Science Fund” by the LNVH.

2020 I got the prestigious VENI research grant for my work in brain research, cancer and microscope development.

2021 I got several other research grants and awards, such as the STEM ambassador of the year.

2021 I became a volunteer for the non-profit mental health organization Dragonfly Mental Health.

2021 I started my mental health and stigma blog annaschueth.com and have reached over 4 million people worldwide with the posts.

I could not be more happy with how my life turned out.

I am glad I am alive and grateful for every single day.

I have many goals and I am excited for a bright future ahead.

#nevergiveup #thebestisyettocome

September is #suicidepreventionawareness month and with sharing my story I want to help to #breakthestigma.

Talking about this can help to save lives. I takes me a lot of courage to speak about this, but more than anything I want to help others.


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