Before I was born my mother had a boyfriend who was a surgeon and he died of suicide.

His parents founded a suicide prevention foundation in Germany.

His father became my Godfather.

During my PhD my Godfather passed away, only months after my father passed away.

My mother suffered both from post-partum depression, as well as her bipolar disorder.

I dealt with this my entire life.

She thought of suicide a lot and had one attempt during my time in high-school.

My grades dropped and my teachers called me stupid.

When I was 20 years old and started my studies I had a very hard time.

I dealt with a lot of pressure and my parents could not help me financially at all.

I tried my best and I did not want to be a burden for my parents.

I thought they would be better off without me.

Now I know that this could not be more far away from the truth.

I am glad I survived and that I am here to tell my story and help others.

September is #suicidepreventionmonth. Take a minute. Save a life.


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