Today 3 years ago I was over the moon, because I found out I was pregnant again with my rainbow baby girl, a few months after losing her baby sister.

There is no recipe for how to handle grief and how to deal with your emotions.

However, I can`t stress that enough: You, your physical and mental health matter most.

Please take the time you need to heal and grief your loss. Anything else has to wait.

If you want to share how you feel with someone or not, this is completely up to you.

It is simply not ok that women are back at work immediately after the loss of a baby, because they fear losing their job.

It is also not ok that women are losing a baby, while being in a work meeting and do not tell anyone, because they fear losing their job.

Although, at first I went immediately back to work due to the high pressure in academia, I am forever grateful that my supervisor sent me home right away to take my sick leave.

It is ok to take a sick leave.

It is ok to take a break from work.

We have to create a supportive work culture in academia, where women are better supported and feel that they can speak up, if the need arises. That they can take a sick leave without risking a promotion or being taken off their current successful projects.

Be an ally. Be a supporter for your colleague or employee.

I believe together we can create change.


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